Email as an advertising resource

Discover email as an advertising resource, a tool that has managed to be useful and remain valid over time, from its appearance to the present.

Email and advertising

Email is a tool that allows you to implement advertising strategies, sending customers information related to the brand, prior to their respective authorization to do so.

The email as advertising strategy is effective when the customer is interested in receiving news about your brand, something that is achieved with a permission or subscription to the site.

In this sense, the use of email without perilogy in users who have not authorized or requested it, is not currently carried out, since it is counterproductive and affects the reputation of your brand.

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Advantages of email as an advertising resource

Without a doubt, using email as an advertising resource generates some advantages that are worth mentioning:

  • It is a profitable and effective strategy, the cost of using emails is extremely cheap, mainly because there are no printing costs or advertising fees. In addition, it is possible to resort to mass mailing and save time and resources.
  • It is a fast alternative compared to others, as it allows information to be sent at the distance of a click and even to do it simultaneously, shortening the time spent on it.
  • It is based on the granting of permissions, so it is certain that the client wants to receive the information that is sent, instead of wasting time and resources on users who are not really interested in what the brand offers.
  • It shows a higher return on investment, since it is estimated that for every $1 USD invested, the return for email advertising is $32 USD, so that it constitutes a considerable gain that is worth receiving, since it is about of a strategy applicable to all stages of the sales funnel.
  • It is easy to measure, analyze and compare, since any specialist will be able to easily determine the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and implement the strategies that are necessary to improve or maintain their efficiency, either through the measurement of results, comparison statistics or other methods.
  • Its sending and receiving is instantaneous, so this alternative continues to be one of the alternatives most used by small and medium-sized companies, thanks to the fact that not only can the information be displayed automatically, but it also allows the customers themselves to share the emails with other contacts, generating even greater reach than expected.

Importance of using email as an advertising resource

Now that you know in detail the use of email and its usefulness for certain sectors such as advertising, it is an opportune time to highlight its importance. Using email as an advertising resource allows companies to allocate their resources in the right direction, sending information to users who are really interested in the products and services you offer.

On the other hand, it is a cheap and fast way to advertise, without spending too much money on advertising campaigns that probably will not generate enough return on investment.

Finally, you should consider that thanks to its efficiency, the use of email has remained in force until today, although the way of using it has undoubtedly changed considerably, it is still a very useful tool for various purposes.

Among the utilities of emails is advertising, knowledge of the profile of buyers, feedback from users and brands and much more.

Finally, it is essential that you consider that email as an advertising resource can be very useful and generate benefits for your business.

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