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How to create a sales funnel?

In this opportunity you will be able to learn how to create a sales funnel, a marketing tool that will help your business or enterprise to grow and consolidate as a successful brand.

What is a sales funnel?

Also called funnel, it is a schematic tool in the form of a funnel, which allows users to be classified, making them go through various stages that facilitate the work of digital marketing specialists.

The sales funnel is activated when the user initiates the first contact with the brand and ends at the time the purchase is made.

To make the application of a sales funnel possible, it is necessary to resort to the use of digital marketing strategies, such as social networks, online ads, emailing and more.

In an administrative way, the sales funnel helps to know the state or phase that the potential client is going through at a certain moment, helping to guide the appropriate marketing strategies that can lead to making the sale, without being something invasive or insistent.

In this sense, the sales funnel is implemented in 4 stages, the attraction. Interaction, conversion and loyalty. This implies that the correct way to implement the funnel is through each of them.

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How to create a sales funnel?

To create a sales funnel, it is first necessary to know what each of its stages is about.

Stage 1: Attraction

It is basically about capturing leads, so at this stage you must be clear about the profile of your buyer person who will be your target customer.
At this point, the idea is to obtain the customer’s data or for the customer to take some action that leads to the rest of the sales funnel process.

These actions depend directly on the type of product, service or particular company.

Stage 2: interaction

In this stage, the leads from the first stage must be identified and classified. This process is of utmost importance to guide the creation and implementation of digital marketing strategies according to the client, saving time, effort and costs.

Choosing the wrong action can cause you to lose leads and cause the process to end.

Once you are clear about the marketing strategies that you will implement, it will be time to look for the right opportunity to interact with the client and show them what might interest them.

Stage 3: conversion

At this stage, the idea is that knowing the interests of each lead, you can promote a sale, offering the user what attracts him, measuring and analyzing the interactions with the web.

In this sense, the idea is that you can convert users into customers, using their conduction through the sales funnel, making a sale on the site.

Stage 4: loyalty

Once the lead has become a customer, it is time to close the sale, ensuring that they remain loyal in the future.

It should be considered that although the most direct objective is always to make a sale, in the long term the idea is to be able to retain as many customers as possible.

Steps to create a sales funnel

To create a sales funnel on your website, you need to do the following:

1. Analyze the behavior of your users, so that you can focus your digital marketing strategies effectively.
2. Draw the attention of your audience by offering relevant content.
3. Create a Landing Page accompanied by a Call to Action.
4. Employ email marketing.
5. Keep in touch with your users, so that you can always offer them what interests them.