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Novel advertising strategies

Over time, the way marketing works, as well as aspects of daily life, have changed to adapt to new technology and the rise of the digital age, making the need to implement innovative advertising strategies imminent.

Novel vs Conventional Advertising Strategies

The idea of ​​comparing innovative advertising strategies with conventional ones is to have a clear notion of what has changed, so that the approach that marketing actions have taken today is better understood.

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Conventional advertising

Although it may be thought that it is something obsolete, in reality it is not, it is simply used less frequently each time, but there are still those who use it as the only form of marketing.

It is done through radio, television, press, banners and other conventional means.

Novel advertising

Although it is used through less massive means, they are usually more specific and therefore the public they are targeting is the one who may be interested in the product or service being promoted.

In this sense, the objective scope tends to be much greater than with the use of conventional strategies, especially when the Internet is used as a means of dissemination, using social networks, for example.

In addition to social networks, search engines, online catalogs, calls to action and others, make up a large part of today’s innovative advertising strategies.

Interactivity as a novel advertising strategy

These are all the advertising strategies that convert the passive user into an active one, so that they interact with the message, giving them decision-making power over it.

Recommend products

This is a novel way of advertising products and novelties, using interactivity for this, through tests or forms, for example, in which, depending on the result, the user receives a certain personalized recommendation.

It is also possible to include a draw that allows certain users to win the product that has been recommended, so that sales are boosted after the application of this advertising strategy.

Interactive games

An incredible new advertising strategy is to resort to the use of games and give rewards, so that you can advertise your products and that the user is attracted by the idea of ​​having fun and winning.

With this type of strategy, the image of the brand can be kept constantly exposed, so that the user can become familiar with it and advertising is efficient.

Combine conventional advertising with dynamic resources

The idea is that you can combine any of the above strategies with the conventional ones in mass media, so that the reach between the two can be enhanced.

An example of this is combining trivia games with ingenious advertising that reinforces the strategy and generates greater reach among the target audience.

Other novel advertising strategies

In addition to the interactive options, there is a wide variety of novel strategies including:

• Constant updating of content on your website.
• Opening your own store on Amazon or other similar platforms.
• Personalization of marketing messages.
• Carry out inbound marketing.
• Perform live and direct on social networks.
• Use chatbots to capture the user’s attention.
• Invest in up-to-date training for you and those who work with you.
• Make use of voice search as a marketing strategy.
• Do local SEO.
• Use social networks as a sales platform.
• Strengthen your advergame or advertising game to improve it.
• Create quality content aimed at disseminating real and educational information.
• Publish branded content.
• Make use of connected TV and programmatic advertising.
• Use augmented reality in your ads.
• Automate email marketing.
• Implement PPC automation.
• Bet on guest blogging.
• Use viraljacking.
• Participate in podcasts.